Have You Found the Secret Ingredient?

The Secret to Success is You

No matter what business you are in, to be successful you must always strive to improve your volume, sales and overall productivity.  The chiropractic business is no different.  Ray Kroc (founder of McDonalds) once asked, “Are you green and growing or ripe and rotten?”

What a great thing to ask yourself every morning when you get up and look in the mirror!

You’ll find that success is not a destination but more of a constantly moving, progressive, and sometimes elusive target.  As entrepreneurs, our continued growth is essential to long term sustainable success.

Often, in our journeys towards success, we tend to search for “magic bullets.”  You know, that “one thing” that will push us you the edge into success.

Some call this the “Secret Ingredient”.

Where I see chiropractors going astray in search of the “Secret Ingredient”,  is in believing that the next gadget, laser, nutrition, decompression, rehab, massage, or diplomate will be their answer.  Many of us spend time, energy, and resources on the latest and greatest things, only to accrue overhead, frustration and disappointment.  We end up unfulfilled, burnt out, and no closer to where we hoped to be.

Doc, if you haven’t realized it yet.  There is only one secret ingredient to success… YOU!

Dr. Tom Owen always says that success is found in Attitude, Actions, Concepts and Procedures; and in that order.

I’m all about improving efficiency, proficiency, productivity and profitability.  But, it so often starts by taking the hard look in the mirror and asking yourself the tough questions; realizing that you are the secret ingredient, full of potential, knowledge and skill.

Question:  Are you Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotten?  Only YOU can decide. 

What can you do today to be green and growing?



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