Overcoming Fear Leads to Success

One of the main obstacles chiropractors face when trying to choose a chiropractic business management or practice consultant is the obstacle of fear.

Fear literally paralyzes even the best-intentioned chiropractor from moving their chiropractic practice from failure to success.

Furthermore, most fear is rooted in the unknown juxtaposed with horror stories told by other colleagues.

But, like Dr. Rick Barrows points out, not every chiropractic consultant is out to abuse the profession. Instead, he found tremendous HELP and HOPE through AMC.

Let’s hear what he has to say about his experience …

When I joined AMC, I had already been in practice for 18 years. We were doing a lot of things right, and had a decent practice, but what was happening is that I was seeing my practice ever so slowly declining instead of growing. The things I had done in the past weren’t working like they did before. I couldn’t figure it out.

I knew that if something didn’t change soon, that if I didn’t do something to stop the bleeding, that I would one day be 80 years old and practicing chiropractic because I have to, not because I want to. I couldn’t give up. For me, since the age of 14, chiropractic was a clear calling.

I needed help, but I was skeptical. I had heard so many horror stories about consultants, and management companies, and it paralyzed me. One day, I got a message in the mail from AMC. It was just a bunch of testimonials, but within those testimonials, I could hear the voice of hope. I was also impressed with the fact that they were a Christian company, and they based their procedures on Christian principles.

I can honestly say that joining AMC was the single best decision that I ever made in my practice. We over-doubled in just 9 months. AMC has meant so much to my practice and my life, that I am now serving as a coach and a director, so I can help other chiropractors who might be in similar situations to the one in which I found myself.

This has become a natural extension of my calling. I can only help so many patients with my own two hands. Through AMC, I am able to reach thousands more with the healing art of chiropractic!

Dr. Rick Barrows, Southwest Director

Thank you, Dr. Barrows, for sharing your wisdom, insight, and passion for our wonderful profession. I’m sure many will relate — especially those that have dealt with the same fears you did.

If you’ve connected with Dr. Barrows’ story today, allow me to shed some light on fear. Fear is just an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Don’t allow fear to skew your perspective. If you’re struggling today in practice, there is both HELP and HOPE waiting for you through AMC.

Simply pickup the phone and call AMC at (877) 262-7117. Do it TODAY!



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