Why Chiropractic Care is Worthless!

What People Value, They Finance

Chiropractic Consulting, Affordable Management & Consulting — Ever thought that chiropractic care in your office is too expensive?  Ever find yourself cutting deals, skipping re-evaluations and giving less care than needed to fit someone’s budget or insurance plan?  If so, you are not alone. In fact, it’s the rare chiropractor that doesn’t these days.

As I ventured out on black Friday searching for a great deal on a very important thing that I absolutely don’t need, and probably won’t ever use, I couldn’t help but notice the volume of others doing the same exact thing.  You’ll be excited to here that according to my research on Friday, there is in fact no recession in our economy.  There can’t be by the way folks are spending their dollars.

While the shopping carnage continued, I stopped, watched and wondered why on earth people are having a hard time paying for their health care when they seem to have the funds for all those other things they don’t really need or even want.

Then it dawned on me.

It all comes down to value!  What people place value on; they find a way to finance.  Period.  I know it sounds too simple, but Doc that’s it.

Did my first paragraph describe some thought processes or activities going on in your office? Have you ever considered that the problem may not be your patients? If you don’t realize the unbelievable value of the service that you are providing, your patients never will, and your chiropractic care is essentially worthless.

Do yourself and your patients a favor this week.

  1. Go through all your patient files for the week, make a list of ALL the conditions that you are helping them with. (if you don’t know then ask them; how care is going, what changes have they noticed, etc…)
  2. Take your list of conditions that you are SAVING them from, then go look up the comparable medical treatments.  (be sure to calculate the condition over time for a true comparable cost)
  3. And last but not least. Read the list of conditions and comparable costs to yourself, and to your staff on a regular basis.

You’ll find some amazing things and the value of you care will skyrocket.

Question:  After doing this exercise, what did you find? Do you think your patients should know about it?

p.s. Send me some of the conditions that you help and the comparable cost that you find. That always lights my chiropractic flame.



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