It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

The Importance of Principles and Procedures

Affordable Management and Consulting for Chiropractors — As a practice coach I have seen over and over how client doctors, at the end of their agreement, will choose to walk away from the relationship they have forged with their management group. I understand how they feel, it costs money to travel!

Doctors have to be out of their office for periods of time to attend meetings and are not seeing patients, which means no income. They have to pay for travel expenses, there is a loving spouse at home saying that the doctor is away from home too much and that there are more important things they could be doing other than traveling to these meetings all the time. I am not even going to bring up the other issues as I am sure that you see where I am going with this.

As it turns out, I do have a unique perspective on this issue as I too traveled down this path. I first joined the Affordable Management and Consulting FAMILY in 1998. I was referred by a friend of mine that was seeing some amazing results with this AMC group and he encouraged me to come and check it out.

At that time the meetings were being held in the Reed House in downtown Chattanooga and the travel was definitely a challenge. The meetings were truly “boot camps” back then as the doctors basically were locked in a meeting room and we didn’t come out until the coffee was gone!!

I will say that it gave us a true mastery of the AMC principles and procedures, but it was tough and boot camp is really a perfect name for it. I was able, with the help of AMC, to double my practice in a relatively short period of time. I was loving AMC and the fellowship, but I convinced myself at the end of my agreement that I could handle it by myself and that my practice would continue to show the success that the AMC Family had helped me find.

I made my decision and I remember Tom and Dr. Owen both telling me that I could expect my practice to stay right where it was, and that I would not see much growth but could only expect it to maintain. I foolishly felt I would be able to accomplish great things on my own now that I had all the tools.

Flash forward 5 years, I am sitting with almost EXACTLY the same practice that I had when I left AMC and feeling very unsatisfied. Something was missing, and I was pretty sure I knew what it was. I had not been “plugged in” to the source for a very long time. It had become very apparent to me that something was really missing in my life and the life of my practice, so I called the AMC home office and in short order I was speaking with Tom Owen.

He simply said “I knew you would be back”.

I was welcomed back with open arms to the family that I had left because I thought I could do this on my own.

Doctor, if you are still reading this, DON’T EVER MAKE THIS MISTAKE. Please, learn from mine and don’t walk away from the source. The source of the very best practice principles and procedures available. The source of the very best in philosophy and passion for this profession that we love so much. The source of the very best in personal growth and encouragement that can be found.

I unplugged from the source. The battery power, or charge that I had gotten from AMC lasted for a long time, but there is nothing like being plugged in to the source, and for me the source for everything chiropractic is Affordable Management and Consulting.

I should mention that when I did come back, I was able to once again double my practice…..but I did it in 90 days!! I will never look back again!

Dr. Greg Miller
Kearney, NE



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I collected $307K in my first year in practice! I also maintained an 85% closing percentage and had a $125 collection visit average. 👍

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My office achieved the highest total collections and highest CVA of my career! 🙌 

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