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The Well Aligned Program includes the essential coaching, concepts, and procedures needed for a successful business combined with advanced functional therapies.

If You Don't Grow You Don't Owe

By choosing a Grow Guarantee Program, we provide a guarantee that removes all risk for new members. AMC chiropractic coaching can help you build the business of your dreams.

Student Program

Students gain the tools necessary to run a business, acquire new patients and convert them to lifelong chiropractic patients while still in school.

What's That Guarantee?

By choosing an AMC Grow Guarantee Program, if you don’t grow, you don’t owe – PERIOD! It doesn’t get simpler than that!

What Does That Mean?

We’ll determine the value of your business similar to how the New York Stock Exchange values Fortune 500 companies.

But We Take It A Step Further!

Upon joining, we’ll average what you’ve been able to produce in practice over the last six months. Then, if you don’t grow, you don’t owe!

Bottom Line

There’s no money exchanged unless we actually grow your practice. We have eliminated the risk because we want you to succeed.

Dr. Yurkovich grew his practice with AMC.

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Coaching, Training, and Managing Solutions for Your Practice

AMC provides multiple solutions for your practice. Whether you are a student getting ready to graduate, a seasoned practitioner wanting to know how to stabilize your practice in an ever-changing practice environment or an entrepreneur looking for ways to develop associate practices or multiple practice chiropractic locations, AMC provides the answers!  Below are just a few of the programs and services available to our members. Not sure what program is right for you? That is what we are here for.

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Right Start

As a doctor or student looking to the future of your own chiropractic practice, Right Start will help you build your practice from the ground up.

Boot Camps

Our boot camps are three days of intense, detailed training. You’ll be prepared to meet the challenges of your chiropractic practice.

Online Training

AMC’s Online Training is unparalleled. There are literally hundreds of audio and video recordings available for AMC members to tap into.

Associate Development

Priceless Practices can find, screen, hire and train a qualified associate doctor for your practice.

Training Centers

Training centers throughout the nation use the AMC system and procedures, including the way the office is physically set up for efficiency and proper atmosphere.

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