What can a Chiropractor learn from a Man who wears Panty Hose?? (Part I)

FUN. It’s What You’re Missing

I believe we all can take a cue from the profound and everlasting words of “Madea”, when she said,

“When you gettin got and somebody done got you and you go get them, when you get em everybody’s gon get got”.

Oh, wait, back it up… not that man who wears panty hose (nothing against Tyler Perry).  And not Mrs. Doubtfire either.  Rather every Chiropractor can learn from “this” man who wears Panty Hose:   Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Namath.

Joe Willie Namath was coached at Alabama by the legendary Bear Bryant.  As a pro, he brought to his NY Jets team a confidence and a swagger.

In 1969, Namath lead the Jets into Super Bowl III against the heavily-favored Baltimore Colts.  Three days before the game, he declared publicly, “We’re gonna win the game.  I guarantee it!”  His words made headlines, but were dismissed by most as mere bravado.  In the game, however, Namath walked his talk, pulled off the upset, and was named MVP.

His secret to winning?  When asked, Namath replied:

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun.  And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”

“…when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”  Now there are certainly times and circumstances where seriousness is required in your practice.  But for most other times in your office, let light-heartedness reign!

FUN, I believe, is often a key missing ingredient in today’s practice.  Now without jumping onto a soapbox, if your practice isn’t a place where you, staff, and your patients can have fun… with what we offer to heal the suffering… then something is seriously wrong.

Awhile back, I asked some colleagues to answer the question “What are some things that you do to have fun in practice?”…  Here are some of the answers… I’ll start with some of mine…

First, how cool is it that being a little goofy is built right into good protocol… The 5-point o.v. gives you license… in fact demands, that you NOT be the dry, starchy, typical doc.  It’s okay to be a little nutty.

How about intentionally showing extra appreciation and giving your patient something extra at no additional charge?

Benevolence to a truly destitute, needy patient who truly understands the value of and wants the care.  Informing them they’ve won the (your clinic name) lottery.

Coffee and Muffin Fridays for staff (provided by doctor, of course).

And, one of my favorites – Ring the Bell!  Keep a call bell (not Cow Bell) at the front desk.  Whenever a NP books – that glorious sound is heard everywhere throughout the office.  “Every time the front bell rings, hope and health to one it brings.”

Some of the contributions?

Dr. P wrote, “After a patient’s adjustment I have them do a “Victory Lap” around the adjusting table.  Then I give them a high five.  I missed it once and the patient reminded me about the “Victory Lap”  I know it sounds goofy but my patients love it.

From Dr. F, “We have “Munch and Crunch” on Saturdays in my office.  I put bagels and munchkins out and serve coffee and bottled water for patients.  They love it and it creates a fun, family environment where bunches of patients will sit around and talk to each other while they munch away after getting adjusted!

Dr. H sent this list:

1)  Not taking myself too seriously ie)making fun of myself.

2)  Looking for opportunities to laugh/cut up w/ patients and staff

3)  Being on the same page w/ your staff.  Regular staff meetings to solve problems more quickly

4)  Not trying to be all things to all people.  Accepting my niche and leaving it at that.

5)  Realizing that I will never retire, so what’s the big hurry?  Be patient w/ myself.

Judy writes, “I’ve put some phony patient names on our referral board……..I M Good, Mel Gibson, George Clooney to name a few……I did it so could see if patients were reading the board……and they’d laugh or comment on when that one was coming in so they could have their appt then.

Dr. H shares, “We call and wish VIP patients a Happy Birthday and sing to them on speaker phone.  We set goals and celebrate them together.  We go to training center visits in cool locations like Florida and hang out on the beach for a day after the visit.  We do something called the nerve of the week or the drug of the week where we put up a nerve or a list of drug side effects and the patients guess what the nerve controls, or which drug goes with the side effects, and then we draw from the correct answers for a prize.  When it snows a lot, people rarely leave their homes, so we reward those who do with a snow party…hot chocolate, cookies, muffins…a small and inexpensive treat for braving the weather.

Dr K sent, “Every Friday is “joke Friday.”  In our morning meeting any staff member can bring a joke or jokes to share and we tell jokes in place of the inspiration part of the meeting.  It gets us in stitches and really finishes the week on an up note.   We also did a summer barbeque for our best wellness patients with me grilling out behind the office.”

You get the idea.  I call this “The Wisdom of Fun.”  A few colleagues, obviously deep thinkers, danced around the first half of Namath’s quote…

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun.”

And it’s good stuff, too!  Well worth sharing.  So I promise to include those AND continue to dig into Namath’s quote, and what this means to you and your practice.  So keep your eyes peeled for Part II of this post.  And please give it some thought and add your comments about what you do to have fun in practice…

Oh… the Panty Hose… In 1974, a television commercial for Beautymist pantyhose aired.  The ad opened with a picture of feet.  The camera slowly panned upward over “side posture” legs… the calves, thighs…  Finally, it showed the owner of the pantyhosed gams: JOE NAMATH!  Male fans were… confused, like the proverbial calf looking at a new gate.  And women?  Reportedly, Beautymist sold a whole bunch of pantyhose that year.

Now go do some amazing things!!



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