Boldly Go!

Boldly Go

I have heard it said by other chiropractors on many occasions something to the effect of, “I was afraid to take such and such a case. I referred them out, because I thought that treating them might open me up to liability.”

My response might be to ask them, “Well, just what condition do you think you would be treating them for?”

I’ll give you one example. I had a patient come up to me following my patient orientation class, and he said, “Doc, I wonder if you can help me.” So, I asked him what the problem was and he responded, “Well, I drive a service truck for a heating and air conditioning company, and I have to get out ten to twelve times a day to go to the bathroom.” He said, “It feels like when I urinate that my bladder is still full. Then I get back into my van, hook up the seat belt, and I feel like I have to go all over again. I was just about to go see a urologist, but do you think chiropractic can help?”

I said, “Well, there is really only one way. If I examine your spine and I find misalignment in the area of nerve supply to your bladder or to your prostate gland, then there is a possibility that I can help. If I don’t find anything there, then I’ll tell you and you can go on and see the urologist.”

He said, “I want to try chiropractic first.”

With x-ray examination of the AP pelvis, you could see the man’s bladder. It was full and distended about the size of a grapefruit. Subluxation was found at L4 and in the pelvis, and that’s where he was adjusted. After 4 weeks, re-x-ray showed his bladder was still distended, but now about the size of an orange. In 5 months, the bladder was showing normal anatomy, the patient was having normal urination, and he was quite happy and relieved.

Now for the big question. Did I treat his bladder?

No. I adjusted his spine to reduce and correct the subluxation. That’s it. In fact, I don’t know if the bladder was the problem. Most likely it was his prostate, but I didn’t need to know. It was my job to correct the subluxations to the best of my ability, and allow the natural healing power that resides in all of us to do its job. The healing comes from from the brain down through the spinal cord, and out the spinal nerves. Once the interference (the subluxation) was removed, healing occurred.

Boldly go, my friends. Boldly Go!

Dr. Rick Barrows



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