Dr. Jered Wayland

With 15 years of experience running a leading clinic, Dr. Wayland is an instructor of the KCUCS technique and owner/co-owner of over 10 successful businesses. He brings his expertise on leadership and peak performance to the AMC Family where he has dedicated his time to sharing his knowledge and the success he has found with …

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Dr Kelly Henry

With 20 years of practice success, Dr. Kelly Henry has focused his expertise on mentoring and building up the Chiropractic community. National speaker and author of “Define and Deliver: Exceptional Customer Service” he brings the “Millionaire Mindset” to the AMC Family.

Jeff Renegar

Jeff Renegar has been around AMC in an unofficial capacity for 30 plus years having married Lahoma, the daughter of AMC founder Dr. Tom Owen, he recently joined AMC in an official effort to help get out the good news of what AMC can do for you and your practice! Jeff has always enjoyed sharing …

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Dr. John Lay

I graduated from Life University in 1999. I met my wife, Michele in school. We have been married for 23 yrs and have a 20-year-old daughter, Jaycie, and an 18-year-old son, Josh. After school, I worked as an associate in a large practice in Knoxville, TN. In late 2004 we started feeling led to open …

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Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor has worked with AMC for 16 years.  She handles many different tasks and responsibilities in the AMC Home Office.  Jennifer has grown in her role and is now the office manager.  She loves working with Chiropractors and seeing them achieve the practice of their dreams.  Jennifer and her husband of 22 years live …

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Dr. Tara Horrall

When Dr. Tara was 17, she started having shoulder pain, went to a chiropractor, and found relief- plus with continued maintenance care, her body finally resolved long-standing recurrent UTI’s!  That’s when she knew she wanted to devote her life to giving hope and help to others just like she had found from chiropractic care without …

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Christie Reese

Christie Owen Reese has been involved in chiropractic offices for over 50 years. She grew up experiencing, working, and teaching with some of the greatest in the chiropractic profession. She has been with AMC since day one. In AMC she is a director of CA programs including CA coaching. She still has the appreciation and …

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Dr. Shannon McMurtry

Dr Shannon McMurtry graduated Parker College of Chiropractic in May, 1998. He established a private practice in his home state of Tennessee. The clinic began serving the community in May of 1999. In 2002, he began helping and coaching other chiropractors on how to start and run successful businesses. He sold his clinic to his …

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Dr. Greg Miller

Dr. Greg Miller graduated from Palmer College in Davenport, IA in the fall of 1995. He immediately opened his practice in Kearney, NE, and has done extensive study with the Gonstead technique. Dr. Miller carries many responsibilities with AMC: Vice President, coaching, divisional director, and boot camp instructor. He gladly gives his time to help …

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We are on an upward trend since joining AMC and keep having our best years ever! 🥳

Drs. Paul & Heather Fay

Because of my consistent efforts, I saw the most patients I ever have in a day and in a week! 👏

Dr. Suarez

We have been rocking it with new patients and are ready to keep that momentum going as we serve more and more people. 🤘

Drs. Rick and Jill Palma

I set all-time records in patient visit averages, total collections, and collection visit averages over the last few years. 👏

Dr. JP Whittaker

I had a $10,000 care plan accepted, which was amazing! 🙏

Dr. Bryan Hedlund

I collected $307K in my first year in practice! I also maintained an 85% closing percentage and had a $125 collection visit average. 👍

Dr. Miguel Esquinca

I keep having record years since becoming an AMC family member! 💪

Dr. Dan Yachter

My office achieved the highest total collections and highest CVA of my career! 🙌 

Dr. Tony Rea

I had my best year ever and grew $147K in collections! 🤩

Dr. Holly Cox

I closed 4 care plans in one day after coming back from the Atlanta Summit! 🥳

Dr. Angie Skokos

I have had my best collections ever over the last few years! 💪

Dr. Brett Berner