About the AMC Family

AMC is made up of a family of doctors and professionals whose one goal is to see you succeed in practice.

We want you to succeed!
Dr. Tom Owen
Dr. Tom OwenAMC Founder & Executive Advisor
Dr. Tom Owen, AMC Founder & Executive Advisor has helped tens of thousands of his fellow doctors in his profession, has helped develop thousands of non-professional people in other businesses, earned the top honorary degrees in his profession (Ph C, FAPC), earned the title of the “Top Common Sense Psychologist and Businessman” and has studied under the greats like BJ Palmer, Clarence Gonstead, the Boutwell brothers, Napolean Hill and Clement Stone.
Tom Owen, III
Tom Owen, IIIAMC President
Tom Owen, III, AMC President is committed to the present and future success of every chiropractor. Not only is he President of AMC but also is President of Priceless Practice, has 25 years worth of leadership experience in business management, is a nationally-known speaker and author of the book series “Chiropractic from a Businessman’s Perspective”, and has tirelessly worked over 20 years in the trenches of chiropractic.

Our Chiropractic Management Directors

Our Chiropractic Management Directors are committed to disseminating the vision and passion of AMC sparked by Dr. Owen and his son, Tom, to every area of the United States so that all chiropractors have the right tools to succeed in today’s healthcare environment. They’re focused on giving you the tools, training, coaching, and marketing skills to succeed in chiropractic.

 Our Coaches

Our Coaches are well-trained professionals who whole-heartedly serve their fellow colleagues with integrity, honesty and untiring enthusiasm. They won’t pull you up the hill nor will they push you up the hill. Instead, they’ll stand side-by-side with you and walk or run however fast you want to go. We can assure you, you WILL NOT out run them!