The Chiropractic Doctor Should Be The Chiropractic Assistants Teacher

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The Chiropractic Doctor Should Be The Chiropractic Assistants Teacher

Chiropractic ManagementChiropractic Practice Management — So many doctors make a huge mistake in their offices by just hiring staff to do a job and then not giving them proper training. They show the CA the job they want done once, maybe twice and then they turn their whole business (and reputation) over to them and expect them to take off and run it.  

Even worse, you have a mediocre staff member or one that is leaving show the ropes to the new staff member by training them the way they do the job whether it is right or wrong. I have heard so many times assistants say, “Well they taught us this way but the way I do it is… “, “we really don’t do it that way here it really doesn’t work for us” and the doctor ignores it.


Is it because you just do not want to train someone again or because you do not have the time or it is just easier? Why would you not want to take the time to properly train your staff to do the things that you need done for your practice? Maybe it is because you do not know the job yourself!

That is one huge mistake doctor! The CA’s that work in your office form the first impression a patient has of your office.  They are a reflection of the doctor who runs the practice.

May I ask you, what do you have to overcome when you walk into the consultation room to meet that patient for the first time? 

You need to know that no matter what transpires the first impressions never go away, no matter how good other things go. Don’t you think that it would be important to know that the first impression was always a good one?

Well, to know that, it is going to take your time and your effort to train these staff members. You need to role-play what you need them to say and how to handle multiple situations. They need to know that you know what the jobs consist of. They need to know the requirements to work in your office. They need to know that you are always going be evaluating their growth process. They need to know that you are not going to hand them off to another possible mediocre employee to show them the ropes.

Maybe they are a good staff member but your employees still need your input. No, you don’t have to do all the training on every little detail but the important ones like answering your phone, appointment book management and most of all teaching them about Chiropractic (what it is that you do) and the RESULTS (how you change the lives of so many of your patients).  The CA’s need to know that you know. I did not say you had to be great at all of it but you do need to know and understand the basics.

Take the time to hire the right staff and then make sure they are learning the proper procedures to running your office. Give them your time, your encouragement and most of all your patience. Because remember you were not shown how to do what you do one time and expected to run the whole show.