Break your wishbone!

Break Your Wishbone

Have you spent your life wishing things were better? Wishing things were different? Wishing for a happier home life, a better work situation, or just more in general? Well, my advice to you is to quit living your life with this “Wishbone” in your hands. Grow some “Backbone.”

It’s time to make things happen instead of just wishing they would.

How?  One step at time! With a made up mind!

First, you need to sit back and take inventory of the things you would like to change. Decide which ones are wishful thinking and which ones you really want. Second, think about how you want them to change. Ideally, what do you want these changes to look like? Third, decide if these changes are worth the effort to you. Are you really willing to do whatever it takes to take to see these things come into reality? Fourth, think about what can you do now to move toward accomplishing these goals.

Now this is where the “Backbone” comes into the picture. Stand up and move forward in faith. Make your mind up that you will make some tough decisions, but no matter what, you will see them through. We often look at others who seem to have what we want and say “if only I had the opportunities that they had,” or, “if only I had the office and staff that they have.” Are you willing to make the sacrifices that they did to get to where they are? Would you really want to “walk in their shoes for a day?” If you did have that opportunity, are you sure it would be what you thought it would be? To get where they are in their lives they needed a backbone and had to make some tough decisions. They made sacrifices that not everyone is willing to make! You need to ask yourself what you are willing to give up. That is why you should spend some time on this inventory. This cannot be done quickly if you are serious about pursuing your dreams. Spend some time on it. Now get busy! Be strong! You are going to face obstacles and challenges in your pursuit.

You better grow that “Backbone” and make things happen. Understand that not all of what you want now will be what you want later, but keep moving forward instead of standing around with that wishbone of unfulfilled dreams.



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